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Using the purge command to remove messages

The purge command is a level 2+ (trusted) command to remove messages matching one or more criteria.
This command is available in two modes. The shortcut mode and the custom mode. The shortcut mode allows you to remove certain types of messages easily, while the custom mode lets you choose messages to remove in a much more powerful and specific fashion.

Shortcut mode

General syntax: +purge [type of removal] <number of messages to search>


Remove message that contains embeds:
This is an embed that would get removed (rich embed)
Link previews are also removed by the embed filter


Remove messages with attachments linked to them.


Remove messages containing images.


Remove any message. For example, to remove the last 10 messages, use +purge all 10


Remove messages from a specific user. For example, to remove the last 10 messages of @User, type +purge user @User 10


Remove messages containing a substring (at least 3 chars long). For example, to remove every message containing OwO, type +purge contains OwO


Remove messages from bots and bot commands. To remove messages from bots only, use +purge bot while you can use +purge bot + 35 to remove messages that either are from bots or start with + in the last 35 messages.


Delete messages containing custom emojis.


Remove reactions from messages that have them. This does not remove messages, just reactions.

Custom mode

Need more power to remove messages. Behold the custom mode!
This command uses a powerful "Command Line" syntax. Most options support multiple values to indicate 'any' match. If a value has spaces, it must, as always, be quoted. The messages are by-default deleted only if all options are met (AND). You can use the --orflag that will delete messages if any of the conditions is met.
The following options are valid. They all take arguments.
A mention or a name of the user to
A substring to search for in the message
A substring that a message must start with
A substring that a message must end with
The number of messages to search for on the channel. Default to 100, max is 2000.
Messages must come after this message ID
Messages must come before this message ID
You can also use the following flags, with no arguments.
Check if the message author is a bot
Check if the message contains an embed
Check if the message contains files
Check if the message has custom emojis
Check if the messages has reactions
Use the logical OR for all options
Use the logical AND for all options (Default)
Here are some examples to get you started.
  • +purge custom --emoji --starts "lol" --starts "xd" Remove messages that contains custom emojis and start with lol or xd.
  • +purge custom --starts "Bonjour" --ends "au revoir" -- orRemove messages that start with "Bonjour" or end with "au revoir".
  • +purge custom --reactionsRemove messages that have been reacted to.
  • +purge custom --embeds --bot Remove messages from bots that also contain embeds.