QuickStart: Setting up GetBeaned on your server

Quick primer to get your server protected quickly.

Adding GetBeaned to your server

First, we'll have to add GetBeaned to your server.

Inviting the bot

Please click the following link to add GetBeaned to your server.

Only server admins (Administrators) can add bots to a server. If you don't see your server in the list, please double-check that you are logged on the right discord account

Select your server in the list and click the Authorise button

Moving the bot role higher in the list

Return to the discord application. Click on your server name to open the server settings. Under roles, select the GetBeaned role and move it to the top.

The bot role needs to be higher than the top user role if you want GetBeaned to be able to kick or ban them.

You don't have to place GetBeaned higher than admins.

Click on the green Save button, then return to the chat.

Verify that the permissions are valid

Use the +doctorcommand somewhere on the server and pay attention to theBot Permissions embed.

If it's red, it means that the bot has some permissions problems on some of the channels. Please check that GetBeaned has the necessary permissions in channels that you want to protect.

However, you don't have to give GetBeaned permissions to restricted channels where only trusted users can speak.

Setup the bot to moderate the server


First, add yourself as a server admin. Use the +add_admin @your_discord_namecommand to be able to edit settings on the web interface.

If you have moderators, you can add them all using the command +add_moderator [a role ID]to give them moderation permissions on the bot.

Enable the Auto-functions

On discord, type +urlsto get a direct link to your server webpage. If you aren't logged in on the website, do that by clicking the "Login" button on the top bar.

The automod is already configured. You just have to enable it by clicking the box near Enable AutoMod

Click the Submitbutton to save your settings.

Quick check

Return to your discord server and type +doctor to be sure that everything is now correctly setup.


You've finished this tutorial. Your server is now protected by GetBeaned. For more info, please join the support server.

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