List of commands

On this page, we'll use the default prefix of +. Of course, your server prefix may have been changed on the web interface. In any case, add the correct prefix before starting a command.

To understand the list of commands, you'll have to remember the following:

  • Arguments between brackets are [required]

  • Arguments in greater-than signs are <optional>

  • Arguments in curly braces are{greedy}, meaning you can have one or more argument of the same type.

For example, in the command +ban {users} <reason>, you can ban one or more users with an optional reason.




Get a link to this webpage

+urls <target_member>

Get the server online logs, and webpages about a specific user.


Get a bot invite link to install GetBeaned on your server


Show some information about the bot like the author and essential commands


Command to see your permissions level on a server.


Check the health of the connection between the bot and Discord.


Run a quick check of the bot permissions on the channel, useful to figure out why the bot isn't working properly.

+hierarchy [user]

Inspect the hierarchy between you and another user and inform you of any problems that may arise using commands on them.


Make the bot deeply check it's configuration and report any potential problem found.


Gives you the ID of a channel. Used to configure logs.


Suggest a feature to add to the bot. Can also be used to report bugs.

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