Report spambots that get past the filter

Double-check that filters are activated

Run the simple +doctor command and check that AutoInspect is enabled and that AutoMod and AutoTriggers are also green.

If you can, please use the web interface to ensure that specific AutoInspectand AutoTriggers are also activated.

Enable Developer mode

If you haven't already, in your Discord client settings, under Appearance, enable the Developer Mode.

Get the message ID

Select a message that got past the filter. You should see three points at the end of the message if you are on a computer. On a phone, long press the message.

Select Copy (Message) ID to copy the ID to the clipboard.

Get message information

Use the command +message_info [the message ID you copied] to ask the bot for logs and information about the message. Take a screenshot of the message sent by the bot.

Send your report

Send your screenshot and some explanation on what was wrong on the #support channel on the Support Server.

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