Setting up logging

How does the logging work ?

Logging events is done by a specific component of GetBeaned. Every time discord notifies the bot, a special embed is crafted for your enabled logging channels and sent to the right channel. The bot uses information it can retrieve from discord (authors, IDs, ...) and information it downloaded previously.

What can be logged ?

  • Moderation actions (+ban, +kick,+warn,+mute,+note,...)

  • People joining and leaving the server

  • Nicknames changes and username changes

  • Message edits*

  • Message deletions*

  • AutoInspect actions

* Only some editions and deletions can be logged due to technical limitations.

How to configure logging ?

Step 1: Create a channel to log messages on

On the Discord client, create a new channel called #mod-log(or anything else really, but we will use #mod-log for this example)

Double-check that GetBeaned and moderators are the only groups allowed to write and embed links in that channel.

Now, type +channel_idto get the channel ID and copy it to your clipboard.

Step 2: Enable logging

On your server settings page (+urlsto get the url of the page), go the the Logs tab and paste the channel ID on the log(s) you want GetBeaned to post on that channel.

Step 3: Check that everything is okay

Back on Discord, use the +doctorcommand to double-check that logging channels are setup correctly!


You have successfully setup logging on your server.

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