1.0.0 - 18/06/2019


  • Re-made the docs using GitBook

  • Move to the domain

  • The API can now be considered stable.

0.1.1 -> 1.0.0

The changelog for this versions is the git log available here and here

0.1.0 - 02/02/2019

Published the repositories to Git after this release.


  • You can now target multiple people in one command For example, g+kick [user 1] [user 2] will kick two people at the same time, with the same reason

  • Text only logs are now available They are easier to copy on mobile, but they are kinda ugly :( Use your server settings on the webinterface to enable them

  • Added help text for settings on the webinterface.

  • Made links like "see #547" clickable in the web interface Example:

  • Made logging non-blocking, for when your server get raided and GetBeaned needs to act more than once per second

  • Added a bot field in the database to mention the bot status of an user

  • Added a command refresh_user to refreh a user on the database

  • Added bot-admin-specific comments on user pages

  • Bot admins and bot mods now see links to the admin panel on different pages of the website

  • Added a security score to user pages. Based on types of actions received in "big" servers, it's a really alpha made up formula, so it's subject to change on levels and calculation methods. However, it should be helping if you want to know about an user with a simple number, and (when it'll be more stable) to tune the audomod even more depending on your specific needs

  • Now showing if an user is a bot on the WebInterface

  • Added a +purge command, to remove messages in bulk. To get help, just type +purge. Does not purge pinned messages

  • Fixed a bug where a security score calculation could return negative results

  • Bot moderators (@(Human) Moderator on the support server) now have the required access level to moderate the bot

  • Added a framework to store user-specific settings (IE: dark_theme status) on the WebInterface

  • Better help command using embeds and reactions!

  • Fix a bug where no action would be done and nothing would be said by the bot when the bot top role was lower than a target role.

  • Added a nice summary table on user pages. Also allows you to copy users IDs.

  • Disabled ability to kick people not in server

  • Fixed a special case where a wrong error message would be given where the bot is lower in the hierarchy than the target

  • Add an AutoTrigger mechanism. This is made for some types of messages that may go past the AutoMod without detection.

    • If your discord server get attacked by user bots that send messages not detected by the automod, head to #support_english and request an AutoTrigger.

    • The first AutoTrigger can be enabled on your server settings page.

      AutoTriggers need the AutoMod to be enabled for them to work

  • Improved DiscordSexDating autotrigger to also match the url spammed and to be more lenient on keywords


  • Fixed loads of typos on the webinterface

  • Fixed the regex that rendered links to previous actions to make it not render specials chars escaped in HTML

  • Updated the website favicon(s) to make them render better

  • Internal change: changed BigInt to CharFields for discord IDs

  • Removed embed check from the automod as the check is not 100% accurate (tweets links are considered rich embeds by discord)

0.0.1 - 22/11/2018


  • Migrated basic functions from DuckHunt community

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