VIP Servers

How to contribute to the bot developpement and unlock advanced functions.

GetBeaned main features are free and will always be. VIP servers are available for admins that want more customization.

What are VIP servers ?

VIP servers are servers that can access more advanced functions, such as

  • Bad-words style filtering of messages and usernames/nicknames with custom lists and optional regexes

  • Extended history of actions (who, and when, edited what)

  • More features on request (+suggest)

To get a VIP server, you have to be added as a Donator on the GetBeaned server. There is no donation minimum to be eligible for VIP servers.

Why aren't these available for normal, non-vip servers ?

Most of these features either could be abused or are work-intensive and require powerful servers. As I have to pay for the servers, this is a way for people to support the bot and gain access to advanced features as a thanks for supporting my work.

I can't pay, can I still get a VIP server ?

Yes, please send a message explaining why you think you'd use one on the support server, we'll get back to you.

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